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Living Well
Save time and trouble by utilizing our Drop-Off services for your next meeting or special event.

Corporate Express Buffet

A Corporate Express Buffet brings everything to you at your premises, saving you time, money and interruptions in your workflow.

You can impress your clients, guests or staff with the superior quality of a meal prepared by At Your Service while keeping everyone on-site and on-task.

Bistro Boxes

Bistro Boxes provide individual gourmet meals in a simple, elegant container, giving you more flexibility in timing as well as location of the meal.

You can even have a meal prepared for a field trip or outing.

Special Events

Any special event can have an added flair with a meal provided by At Your Service. 

Whether it's a cocktail reception, a social mixer or a full dinner for hundreds, we can provide you the best, the freshest and the most memorable meal you have ever had delivered.